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Avanti Helium was formed by a group of Oil and Gas veterans who sought out opportunities for helium production in Western Canada and Montana.

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Why Invest in Helium?

Where There’s a Shortage Exists a Demand

With the shortages that are occurring around the world, helium is in major demand. Avanti is actively exploring for helium pools that can be brought into production to help meet the increasing global demand.

The Vitality of Helium

There is an undeniable demand for it, being that it is the only element on earth that is completely non-renewable. Due to the instrumental role it plays in technology, aerospace, and medical care, helium is over 100 times more valuable than many other natural gases.


By 2025, the global helium market is predicted to worth approximately $18.1 billion.


Helium is projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8.3% by 2026.


30% of the world’s helium supply is used in MRI scanners.


20% of the world’s helium supply is utilized in the manufacturing of hard disks and semiconductors.

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Projects + Assets

Greater Knappen is one of our strategic targeted areas with nitrogen-rich helium in multiple zones.

Avanti’s principal project, Greater Knappen, is in a geographic area with high probability of helium exploration success.  The region has all the geological criteria and considerations for conventional helium exploration; including high helium concentrations, the presence of reservoir close to the helium sources, structural features and associated traps for helium accumulations in economic quantities.  It is also in an area with proven helium production from multiple targets in the Cambrian and Devonian subsurface zones.

Plans to bring the wells on production are underway.  Avanti has signed a binding midstream agreement with IACX Resources Montana LLC to build and operate a Helium Recovery plant to initially process 10,000 mcf/d (110 mcd/d He) of total gas with an option to increase to 15,000 mcf/d (165 mcf/d He).  Initial production expected in late Q1, 2024 / early Q2 2024.


~ 74,000 Acres of Helium Prospective Land

100 % Operatorship

<1%/~ 98 % Helium/Nitrogen Content

Leader is one of our strategic targeted areas with nitrogen-rich helium in multiple zones.

Avanti acquired the Saskatchewan helium permits in 2022 based on the Company’s detailed geological models and technical assessment.  Avanti has a 100% helium interest in ~91,000 net acres and consist of 7 helium permits.

Our helium permits were selected strategically rather than using large scale blanket land postings.  Avanti’s acreage is now surrounded by other helium company land holdings, and by mid 2022 most of the prospective acreage in the SK helium fairway was tied up.  There have been 84 wells drilled since 2016, industry exploration and development activity levels remain high.  There are ~25 wells currently on production at about 450mcf/d of Helium in September, 2023.  


~ 91,000 Acres Helium Prospective Land

100 % Operatorship

<1%/~ 98 % Helium/Nitrogen Content

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