The Gas that Fuels Life:

Why Helium?

Helium has quickly shot to the top of the list for lucrative investment opportunities. With the shortages that many major markets are beginning to experience, the need has grown exponentially. By 2025, it’s estimated that the helium market will reach $18.18 billion. Avanti Energy strives to develop large-scale projects to extract helium deposits that are currently trapped within the earth.

The Versatility of Helium

The benefits of helium extend across multiple industries due primarily to its lucrative properties, which greatly enhance the functionalities of technologies like fibre optic cables, MRI machines, and data centres. 

The noble gas is not only a by-product of natural gas processing; it’s a non-combustible powerhouse! With utilization across medical technologies, industrial applications, and space exploration, helium is vital to the world we live in today.

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How is Avanti changing the helium industry?

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There Will Always Be A Need for Helium

Invest in a company that will supply helium to the countless industries that depend on it.

Our Assets

Greater Knappen

Knappen spans an area of ~78,000 acres. Gas analysis from multiple zones exhibits helium concentrations up to 2.18% and nitrogen up to ~98%. Knappen is one of our strategic targeted areas with nitrogen-rich helium in multiple zones.  In addition, the presence of several deep structural high features in the area is ideal for trapping helium.


Leader area, located in SW Saskatchewan, contains 3 helium exploration permits for a total of ~63,000 acres. The permits were identified and acquired, based on the Company’s detailed geological models and technical assessment. SW Saskatchewan is the hub of western Canadian helium activity. Avanti’s permits are proximal to the Wilhelm pool that produced 0.25 BCF Helium and are surrounded by recent Helium competitor activity. The targeted zones are the Devonian Souris River and Cambrian Deadwood SS with known helium concentrations up 1.4% and nitrogen up to ~98%


Aden resides over an area with a closed structural high that is ideal for trapping helium and multiple helium shows, of up to 2%, have been identified in and around the property. Aden is the first asset to advance into the exploration phase with the goal of drilling exploration wells by the end of the year.